Retailers Not Selling Products

We ran into this problem once before. Not sure what happened this time, but all of the retailers have stopped selling vehicles. @Skyward_Productions has this problem and I looked at my retailer and it says it has sold 0 cars between the previous day and the current day. @Skyward_Productions says it’s been like this for 2 days now. Hope you can get it fixed soon!

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I can confirm this bug. Virtually everything has come to a standstill ingame, as nobody’s buying anymore.
The bug is present since at least Y5D82. Last sales were Y5D55 for me, but I ran out of inventory, so others will probably be able to narrow it down further.

I just realized that my Manufacturing business is also at a standstill, can anyone confirm that or is it just me?

Thanks for your messages. Our team will investigate and hopefully have it figured out on Monday.

yes it is a bug but the developers will get it resolved. :slight_smile: apparently i’m good at finding bugs. lol

It’s USA retail only - not the rest of the world, but that market is so big and complex, there are too many variables to try to isolate. Also specifically from Y5 day 73 onwards - that seems to be the common date (There was a system maintenance around then wasn’t there??)

I can tell you it’s across the full price range - Skyward is at 40k, I was at 106k but it’s the same at 90k and now I’m trying 64.5k expecting no change.

Why only USA?? Weird! It may be it has a different algorithm due to its’ size and the fact it’s the starting point for every 2nd player.

This bug has been fixed, there will be a little catch-up for the cruncher to do before it totally stabilizes and feels normal again. All will soon be well in the world once again (GV world at least)

it was definitely not USA only. I had the same problem with my retailer in Switzerland.

Anyway, it looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks for the quick response time @GVW_Admin!

@BrokenPhysics, it effected a few countries. At the point where the bug took place, other locations following were touched by the bug as well. And thank you! Our small but mighty Dev Team work hard to keep GVW going.

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i know this is an old thread but i didnt feel the need to start a new thread about the same topic. Any who, i noticed i havent been able to sell any of my 50 cars on hand for 2 days rt now. before said 2 days i was selling 10 cars every 2 hours and i had max sales people and visibilty. Now however, im not selling anything so i figured it was price which is the issue. i have now lowered my price 25% from the original (which again was selling 10 cars every 2 hours just 2 days ago) and i still havent sold a car.

Similar issue here: I just acquired a retail business that already had around 31k units of drugs in the inventory. But the units in inventory have 0% features and quality and I want to dump them before I start selling high quality products. That business is not selling a single unit even though I lowered the price g1.