Irregular activity by MAGAR and VENELOCK has triggered an investigation and summary judgment by the GoVenture World COMPETITION BUREAU.

The Judgement

  • MAGAR and VENELOCK accounts will be reset.

  • A reset means that the players will lose all cash, bXP, businesses, and business history, and will start the game over again.

  • The players are allowed to continue to play. Their accounts are not banned. Both players are invited to continue to play, as long as they play fairly.

  • The accounts will not appear on the Leaderboards (unless they earn their way back on them).

The above action will be taken within the next few days. This action is the only way to restore and maintain fairness on the Leaderboards and the economy in general.

Instead of a reset, we had considered removing businesses and reducing bXP and cash, but this would not have corrected the Leaderboards and the significant advantage gained by the irregular and unfair activity.

Findings from the Investigation

  • Some time ago, we had warned MAGAR and VENELOCK that they had exceeded the allowable limit of 12 businesses per player.

  • From our communications with the players, it seems they did not hack the game but benefited from a bug that existed. At that time, they may not have been aware that this was a bug so we did not feel that they were being malicious.

  • The players agreed to close their excess businesses and we observed that they immediately took action to do so, so we did not apply any penalties.

  • After some time had passed, both players continued to exploit the bug. The bug was partially corrected by admins but it seems it was not fully corrected. It will be corrected soon.

  • Continuing to exploit the bug enabled the players to amass a significant and unfair financial advantage in the game.

Our Policy

  • Our policy is to warn players if they are doing activities which may be deemed unfair, which includes benefiting from bugs in the game. Sometimes, players do not realize they have benefited from a bug, so we always give such players the opportunity to correct their actions going forward.

  • Sometimes, we may have to adjust a player’s cash or other financial metrics, if needed to restore fairness. In extreme cases, a full reset may be necessary.

  • We only ban players if we determine that they are being malicious and purposely trying to disrupt the game.

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